Mexico City Shrine Hospital Challenge



As we all know, Mexico City was hit with an earthquake and it caused major devastation. Fortunately, the damage the Shrine Hospital received was only minimal. The hospital was requested to accept other children who were injured due to the earthquake. The hospital answered with a resounding “YES.”

We, at Arok Temple No. 94 in Lewiston, Maine, thought we would like to do something to help them, so we voted to send a $100 Walmart gift card to assist them with expenses of the extra patients, etc. This is the time when a stuffed animal to hug or a new outfit to wear brings a smile to the face of a child. Then it was decided – why not challenge the other 136 temples to match our gift?

The gauntlet is dropped and the challenge is on!


The way this works is that you purchase a Walmart gift card and send it to Billie W. Davis, PSQ, 200 Eastin Road, Lexington, KY 40505-2006. She then receives a list of needs for the hospital and sends the shopping list and the gift certificates to members of the Board of Directors of the Mexico Shrine Hospital. They in turn shop for these items and take them to the hospital when they go for the Board of Directors meeting.


Another successful project “For the Children.”